Frontera Group LLC offers geologic mapping and subsurface analysis through an affiliate program with Zeigler Geologic Consulting ( Geologic mapping begins with a boots on the ground field survey and finalizes the deliverable with the digitizing of maps in GIS. Observed structures at the surface can then be tied into well logs to reveal stratigraphic and structural features in the subsurface. Our mapping program can also assist in the decision making process of well pad and road placement. 

Geologic mapping + Stratigraphic & Structural Analysis 


The Frontera Group LLC mudlogging program is modeled around our staff's collective experience at the wellsite and draws from key points in the AAPG Development Geology Reference Manual. In-house workflows and reporting procedures are thorough and aim to provide the client with the geologic and operational updates necessary to complete a successful well. Frontera Group LLC is capable of designing a wellsite package to meet the needs of any drill program from coring to advanced sample analysis we are ready to be of service. Frontera Group LLC can deploy either a hotwire, infrared or a FID gas chromatograph. 

Geo-technical Suite of services

The Frontera Group LLC geosteering program consists of round-the-clock monitoring and a made-to-order reporting system. Our geosteer service serves as a live QC of the well's directional plan from surface, kick-off-point, curve, landing and lateral through TD or a portion thereof. Geosteering best practices aim to make long term geosteer recommendations to reduce drilling time for stratigraphic corrections while keeping dog legs low and maximizing exposure of the well bore to the target zone. Geosteering is performed using the SES software suite which contains a power set of visualization tools to facilitate communications between geologist, engineers and field management. ​​Click on the images below to view some of SES's visualization features and Frontera Group LLC's geosteer reports.